June, Anniversaries and Bike Week

Thirteen years ago I couldn’t help but notice this attractive lady greeting the U.S. Mailboat, Sophie C. many times when we stopped at the YMCA Camp Lawrence out on Bear Island.  I thought nothing of it at the time other then she caught my eye.  My sister Anne who works as the Postal Clerk aboard the mailboat noticed I was smitten and decided to hit me over the head with a 2x4 as if to wake me up to tell me to jump in and test the waters.  So, I later inquire about her through a mutual friend to find out her name, whether she was married, or in a relationship.  I even got the courage up to go to the Y-Camp later that fall and visit, under the muse of visiting the Director Dave Heatherly.  Nothing came of it then.  

A year went by and on Bike Week of 2006 we had the Y-Camp’s boat helping us with our shuttle service.  Well, low and behold, there’s that attractive girl again, her name is Carol, deckhanding and piloting.  That was it, I was not going to shy away this time.  I asked her out on a date.  We dated for a year to get to know each other and families.  Ironically, she is the oldest of six in her family and I’m the youngest of six in mine.  It was a whirlwind year.  On her birthday June 25th, 2007 I surprised her with flowers and asked her to be my first mate for life.  (I did this while I was delivering mail to the Y-Camp since this is where we met.)  We were married on June 7, 2008.  We had our ceremony on Bear Island at Camp Lawrence, witnessed by about 120 friends and relatives that were shuttled from the Weirs by the Sophie C. and the Doris E.  Our reception took place aboard the M/S Mount Washington.  By this time Carol was working for the company as our bookkeeper and payroll director.  We had a one-day honeymoon on Bear Island at my family’s camp.  What can I say, the season was upon us and we had to get back to our jobs.  I did, however, make it up to her three years later with a two-week trip to England, her favorite place to visit.

So, as I reminisce this bike week I see June as a very special month for Carol and me.  I can proudly say we are ten years happily married and going strong.  If there ever are matches made in heaven ours is one.  So, when I say this company has been my life you will now understand.




  • Justine

    What a lovely love story, thank you for sharing!

  • Ingunn

    That truly is the Love Boat! Congratulations and hugs to both of you.
    10 years, how fast time goes.

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