Shakedown Cruise with the Governor!

Governor Sununu attends the Shakedown Cruise on May 3, 2018

Let the season begin!  After a successful inspection followed by a Shakedown Cruise with the Governor we can happily begin the 2018 cruising season.

Governor Chris T. Sununu joined about 200 invited guests aboard the M/S Mount Washington Thursday, May 3 for a revival of the annual Shakedown Cruise.  Invited guests included State Safety Officials, State Tourism Officials, local town officials from around the lake, local Chambers of Commerce Directors, media representatives and local business owners.  The Governor shared his thoughts on the importance of the economics of tourism to the State’s vitality.  His Economic Development team shared their rosy projections and expectations for the upcoming summer season.

The Governor asked me last year at the Conference on Tourism if we would run the Shakedown Cruise once again.  He said he would join us and I told him in that case we would gladly bring it back.  We had not done this cruise in about five years and we’ve learned how much it was missed.  What can I say, some events get stale over time and are in need of some time off.  We felt this was happening to the Shakedown Cruise.  Having the support of the Governor, however, and the State’s Tourism Department to instill some meaning and energy into this was certainly a Godsend.

The M/S Mount Washington cruise of Lake Winnipesaukee provided the perfect backdrop for this “kick off to summer” event.  I must say that it was a great time seeing old friends and making new ones.  Tourism is going strong and a positive feeling with regards to the upcoming summer season was the common theme of everyone aboard.

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