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As Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, I hope everyone takes a moment in their busy lives to remember the brave men and women who laid down their lives to secure and ensure the freedoms we enjoy today.  Patriotism is more than just a word.  It is a daily affirmation we should all take.  So, wave the flag, show your spirit and enjoy the weekend festivities with family and friends but please take a moment honor the soldiers who’ve gone before their time.

Our season is up and running and quite often I’m asked why the Mount Washington doesn’t run every day in May and June.  I know the schedule can be confusing this time of year (so please call ahead) as we do not operate the Mount every day until high season, which starts at the end of June.  Why?  It simply comes down to economics.  We just don’t get enough passengers to make it worth running the big ship this time of year.

Historically, the Mount used to begin its season on June 15 and run only until Labor Day.  It wasn’t until the 1980s that we began starting our season on Memorial Day Weekend and run through to Columbus Day Weekend.  Back then we only ran on weekends until mid-June.  We would run our smaller vessels in place of the Mount during the mid-week to accommodate the people in the area.  This is the schedule we continue today.

The confusing part is when people see the Mount out running mid-week in the Spring.  Why is that you ask?  It’s because we have had a sizable group book that makes it economically feasible to run the big boat.  As popular as the Lakes Region may be, the multitude of tourist don’t really begin coming until after school’s out.  This makes sense and the businesses up here have recognized this fact.

Most Attractions throughout the State do not really get going until mid-June.  For us, we use the time to do maintenance projects and spruce the vessels up. Heck, the ice was just declared out on the lake a month ago and Mother Nature has been very uncooperative this Spring, so we can use the extra few days.  Rest assured, however, that we are ready for the High Season when it arrives. Hope to see you this season.


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