This Week on the Mount

 This Week on the Mount


The Mount Washington to Begin Her Summer Schedule this Saturday

The M/S Mount Washington will begin her peak season schedule this Saturday, June 23. Through September 2, the following departures have been added to the schedule:

  • On Mondays, The Mount will depart Center Harbor at 11:00 AM and Meredith at Noon.
  • Tuesday through Friday, a 10:00 AM departure has been added from Weirs Beach and an 11:15 AM departure has been added from Wolfeboro.

All cruises are 2½ hours roundtrip. For departures 11:00 AM and earlier, the Fantail Grille will be open to serve breakfast. For later departures, the Fantail Grille will serve lunch items.

Sophie Begins Her Cruise Season

The M/V Sophie C. has resumed mail delivery services to the island residents, and will be welcoming passengers Monday through Saturday at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM, through September 8. All cruises depart Weirs Beach.

Cruise Time Stops
Morning Mail Route 11:00 AM Loon Island, Bear Island, 3 Mile Island, East Bear Island
Afternoon Mail Route 2:00 PM Camp Lawrence, Birch Island, Sandy Island, Cow Island, Jolly Island

Doris Begins Her Cruise Season This Saturday

The M/V Doris E. starts her cruise season this coming Saturday, June 23. Doris provides 1 hour and 2 hour tours of Meredith Bay and of the islands adjacent to Weirs Bay though September 3. Her final cruise of the day, departing at 7:30 PM from Weirs Beach, is her 1 hour sunset cruise.

Schedule Changes

On Wednesday, June 20 the Sophie C. is chartered for a private cruise at 11:00 AM. The 2:00 PM cruise on the M/V Sophie C. is open to the public.

For a calendar of schedule changes, click here.

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  • Marianne Howard

    Love,love the lobsterfest cruise havent seen it anywhere on the scedule for around the 4th of July

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